West Point Fire Department

A brief history of the West Point Fire Department

Organized March 4th, 1954, Dedicated August 28th, 1960

The department was organized March 4, 1954, after several fires in the community that resulted in total loss. This inspired the people to do something to protect their property and life. A public meeting was held with 54 in attendance, from this meeting officers were elected and various committees were appointed to go ahead with plans to organize a fire department.

Through solicitations, raffles, minstrels, carnivals, and suppers sponsered by the ladies of the community, they were on their way.

On April 9, 1954, they bought from John O'Doherty Co. a Dodge truck and equipment at a cost of $2500. Then a Ford truck for a tanker at $400 on which we mounted a 1000 gallon tank which cost $600. In March 1955 they had installed a front mount pump and additional equipment, cost $2215. A stationary siren next was purchased for $500 from Harry Sutphen Co. They later bought a 1957 International pumper in July of 1957 from the Howe Fire Apparatus Company - cost $8500.


Temporarily the department was housed in a building shared with the original post office and others. A piece of land was obtained and members began plans to build a new station, the current building that is now West Point Station 1. The present building now occupied by the fire department, was designed by Robert F. Beatty, Architect and construction began in the spring of 1958.A brief history.

When it was being built, the membership had a program where the community could buy a block for the outer walls of the building at the price of a dollar. The membership and other volunteers would park their cars behind their station at night and use their headlights to build in the dark.

The building was completed in 1958 and dedicated in 1960 (Picture of pamphlet from dedication ceremony below). Although construction has long since stopped, the building and the grounds have undergone numerous changes and renovations over the years as you will see in various pictures throughout the website.

In November 1959, a 1-mill levy was passed by the people of Madison township, which helped to relieve the financial burdens from future fire protection.

Please look through the gallery at some of the earliest pictures of the fire department on record.

(Above: The program pamphlet from the dedication ceremony. Right: A copy of the article from the Lisbon Evening Journal about the event. Below: Other photos from the early years.